I Own A Pen

I Own A Pen

Some years ago I read an article written by a one Andy Ellwood, who at the time was a contributor to Forbes. He shared a brief story about his relationship with his deal closing pen. I feel his words most elequitely embody how top performing sales professionals feel about thier deal closing pens. It’s a relationship that I had with my first deal closing pen and why I founded Prichman Pens. 

The following is an excerpt from his article. 

“I own a pen that is only used for signing contracts. The only time anyone sees it is if we are inking a deal. When this pen makes its appearance, it carries a weight with it. And I don't dare pull it out of my jacket pocket unless I intend to ask someone to sign on the line which is dotted. 

The pen has only has made appearances when there are deals to be signed. Because of its very specific purpose, I think about it before I bring it to any meeting. "Am I going to close a deal today or are we just here to catch up? What is the intention of this meeting?" Knowing that there is that much gravity attached to each time I bring this pen out, there is no way I am going into a meeting with the pen unless I am making an ask and intending to get contracts signed.

The weight of intentionality that I feel with it clipped to my inside jacket pocket ensures that if I want to bring it out, it is going to be for the purpose of bringing in new business and letting it live up to it's intentional place in my closing process.

Besides that, once people see it, they want to hold it and use it. It just makes sense for them to have a place to put their signature.”

I truly could not have set it better myself, thank you Andy for putting the words down on paper for all us Pitchman who have that special relationship with their deal closing pen.  We are pleased and proud to know that their are top performing sales professionals that have the same relationship with a Pitchman Pen.