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Unique Closing Gifts for Home Buyers: Making a Lasting Impression

At the culmination of a real estate transaction, when the keys are handed over and the papers are signed, it’s customary for real estate agents to offer their clients a closing gift. This gesture isn’t just a formality; it’s an opportunity for agents to express their appreciation for their clients' business and to leave a positive, lasting impression. While there are countless gift options to choose from, opting for something unique can make a significant impact and set you apart as an agent who goes above and beyond for their clients.

Importance of Providing a Unique Closing Gift

The closing gift serves as a tangible token of gratitude, symbolizing the culmination of a successful partnership between the real estate agent and the home buyer. It not only shows appreciation but also reinforces the positive experience the buyers had throughout the home buying process. A well-thought-out closing gift can leave a lasting impression, fostering goodwill and potentially leading to referrals and repeat business in the future.

Five Unique Gift Ideas to Consider

1. High-End Luxury Pen

Among the myriad options available, a high-end luxury pen stands out as a timeless and sophisticated choice. Unlike other gifts, a luxury pen serves a practical purpose during the closing ceremony itself. Imagine the satisfaction of signing those final documents with a beautifully crafted pen, marking the momentous occasion of becoming a homeowner. Every time the buyer uses the pen thereafter, it serves as a reminder of that special day and the excellent service provided by their real estate agent. At the end of the signing ceremony you say "Keep the pen!" 

2. Customized Artwork or Portrait

Commissioning a piece of artwork or a portrait customized to commemorate the new home is another thoughtful gift idea. Whether it’s a painting of the house itself, a scenic depiction of the neighborhood, or a family portrait to hang in the new home, personalized artwork adds a unique touch that resonates with the buyers on an emotional level.

3. Smart Home Devices Package

In today’s tech-savvy world, smart home devices are increasingly popular among homeowners. Consider gifting a package of smart home gadgets such as a smart thermostat, security camera system, or voice-controlled assistant. Not only are these gifts practical and convenient, but they also enhance the new homeowners’ living experience by adding modern amenities to their space.

4. Culinary Experience or Cooking Class

For buyers who enjoy culinary pursuits, a culinary experience or cooking class can be a delightful gift. Whether it’s a gourmet dinner at a renowned restaurant, a wine tasting tour, or a hands-on cooking class with a professional chef, this gift provides an opportunity for the buyers to create cherished memories in their new home.

5. Personalized Home Maintenance Kit

Help your clients kickstart their homeownership journey with a personalized home maintenance kit. Include essential tools such as a hammer, screwdriver set, tape measure, flashlight, and other items they may need for basic home repairs and maintenance. You can also include a comprehensive home maintenance guide to empower them to take care of their investment.


While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to closing gifts, opting for something unique and memorable can make a significant impact on your clients. The gift of a high-end luxury pen, in particular, stands out as both practical and symbolic, serving as a lasting reminder of the special occasion. However, regardless of the gift you choose, the key is to show genuine appreciation for your clients’ business and to leave them with a positive impression that extends beyond the closing table. By investing in a thoughtful closing gift, you not only express gratitude but also strengthen your relationship with your clients, paving the way for future success in your real estate endeavors.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pitchman gift wrap?

Yes! All Pitchman pens are delivered with our signature luxury gift wrapping, free of charge.

How much money should you spend on a closing gift?

On average and based on many realtors' contributions, it is believed that a gift that's valued at between 1% and 7% of your commission is a good idea. The amount of money you should spend on a closing gift can vary depending on factors such as the type of property, the client's preferences, the market norms, and your budget.

Is a bottle of wine a good closing gift?

A bottle of wine or champagne is a common closing gift, not a unique gift, but add an extra touch with a special label and it could be. For example, create a custom label that says, “Welcome to your new home,” and includes the family's name and the year that they moved in.


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