The Best Executive Pen

Why is the Closer by Pitchman considered the Best Executive Pen on the market today?  

We are certain that once you own this pen you will agree, but let us give you some facts about this luxurious executive pen so that you can make an informed decision for yourself. 

First, what determines a pen to be an Executive Pen, let alone be considered the Best Executive Pen?  

At Pitchman we believe an executive pen must have the following 3 qualities to be consider a true executive pen.

  1. Above anything else, it must have what we call “Boardroom Cachet™”
  2. Be constructed of luxury and rare materials
  3. A quality pen, individually handcrafted not massed produced on an assembly line  

To be certain, an executive pen is not a fancy pen rather an elegant writing instrument that commands attention for the executive wheeling it.  It is a potent symbol of their professional success.