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Selecting the Correct Executive Pen

There’s a classic gift for improving office morale and creating team spirit, one which is often overlooked in modern times: the executive pen. They look great, and they can increase team effectiveness, and they really feel like you’re investing in the quality of your office. Everyone needs a pen; but an executive pen has a powerful psychological effect, strengthening your brand both inside and outside of the company.

Even in this era of advanced technologies, mobile devices, and tablets, pens are simply not just irreplaceable, but classic. There are times when you just need to write things down; there’s also an entirely different psychological process involved in the act of writing, as opposed to tapping something into a phone or onto a screen. Buying a perfect executive pen is fun and it can help you get the most out of your writing--and your team. Experienced writers know the value of a great pen, but people for whom writing isn’t necessarily a primary part of their business, an executive pen can create a tangible effect on effectiveness and happiness. For the businessman, finding the perfect pen that suits their personality is a bit difficult. This article is for these people.

Types of Pens:  

There are plenty of luxury pens available, but some types are very popular among top executives. Let’s talk about these famous pens that will provide charm to your personality and many other benefits as well.

  • Fountain Pens
  • Rollerball Pens
  • Ballpoint Pens 

Fountain Pens:

Compared to all other types of pens, fountain pens are ideal for corporate gifts, awards, and special ceremonies. A fountain pen is a writing instrument that will provide you with its amazing features to enjoy all your life. This pen is the favorite of the executives because it not only provides better writing experience but its adorable shape, size and beautiful engraving help them to develop a sense of professionalism. If it is given as a gift, this pen will be a great way to remind someone how much you value their work and their dedication to the workplace. 

Rollerball Pens:

It can be said that a rollerball pen is a two in one package, it includes the features of both fountain pens and ballpoint pens resulting in an easy, comfortable, and fluid-like silky writing experience. A rollerball pen is a good choice for corporate gifts and promotional products as they are easy to fit in a purse or pocket just like a ballpoint pen. While gifting, choose a luxury rollerball pen of high quality because this will develop a positive mental attachment to your brand.

Ballpoint Pens:

If you are going to distribute pens for promotional purposes, you can’t go wrong with a reputable, classic ballpoint pen with your company logo engraved on it. Ballpoint pens are perfect for such purposes because people carry these pens with them all the time whether it is in the purse, bag, or pocket. Considering it from a marketing standpoint, whenever the recipient will see or use the pen, it will remind him of your business and respect.     


Why Buy an Executive Pen?

Create a Great Expression:

There is no doubt that a stylish executive pen will make a meaningful impression on your potential customers, clients, partners, and employees. These pens will help you look good while giving a presentation or while signing a deal. It will show the other person that you like perfection in your work. You will feel great to know that you can choose the pen that suits you from many well-reputed global brands such as Pitchman, Mont Blanc, and Waterman.

The Promise of Longevity:

By investing in a luxury pen, you don’t have to worry about its longevity because these pens are designed to live for years. Instead of buying a pen that only lasts for a week, you should choose an executive pen that is known for its good quality as well as its attractive appearance.    

An Elegant Gesture:

For potential customers and clients, a luxury pen is a simple and effective gesture that lets you show your interest in the products and services you offer. One of the main goals of every businessman is to make sure that the public perception of their brand is positive and having an executive pen is one way to do this, especially if you associate it with your nature. This will show how specific you are about the things you carry with you.

An Ideal Gift:

An executive pen can be a memorable symbol of love and respect for the people close to you. An executive pen is an ideal gift for your loved ones and online shopping has made it easier for you. You can choose a pen from a wide range of styles and options by just visiting different sites. A luxury pen is a great way to reach potential customers and to win the love of your friends and family.  


You can trust on a  pen that you will feel comfortable enough to write for a long time. Executive pens are designed with care making sure that they distribute weights so that your hands are not strained. As comfort is considered as the definition of luxury pens, manufacturers work carefully to ensure that the writing experience is perfect.

The Bottom Line:

An executive pen will be beneficial in all aspects of your life. It will provide you with perfection and growth in business and will put you in front of people as a potent symbol of success. While the diverse range of stylish executive pens may seem overwhelming at first, options based on style, budget, and writing features will lead you to a luxury pen that will provide years of fun service.

Pitchman Executive Pens

Pitchman makes the finest Executive Pens for discerning top performing executives and sales professionals. Sophisticated and exquisite, bold and distinguished, Pitchman Pens are the embodiment of professional success and are the prized possessions of their owners. 

Add a special touch to your desk with a luxury writing instrument from Pitchman Pens. We have a wide selection of executive pens that acknowledge the status and hard work necessary to reach that executive level.


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