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Collection: Luxury Pens For Men

At Pitchman we believe that a luxury pen has many roles in a man’s life, which is why every executive should have at least one in his collection. A luxury pen isn’t just for show, it gives meaning to your actions and adds weight to your words. We suggest you select a luxury pen that reflects your personality and standing so you can show people you mean business.  

The Role of a Luxury Pen in a Man's Life
When someone pulls out an expensive pen, people notice. Most writing instruments are plain and cheap, but a flashy pen makes a statement. The weight and artistry that goes into a luxury pen gives the owner a certain status in a room. It shows people the person wielding the pen means business and has achieved a lot in his life. A luxury pen can have a number of roles in a man’s life, but status is just one of them.  

A luxury pen says something about a man
The clothes you wear, the car you drive, and the accessories you use all say something about who you are. For most businessmen, you want these items to say, I’m successful, professional, and a winner. The pen you use on business contracts and in meetings also says something about you. 

A regular ballpoint pen looks cheap and doesn’t stir much excitement. It says your work is normal and there’s nothing special or important about what you have to write down. A luxury pen, on the other hand, holds weight. Pulling out an expensive pen during contract signings and other business deals says you’re serious and ready to do business. 

A high-quality pen makes a statement
Another benefit of an executive pen is that it makes a serious statement. People are so used to tech gadgets and cheap office pens that a true luxury pen is immediately noticed. It catches the attention of people in the room and leaves an impression. The next time people see you, they’ll remember the high-quality pen you have in your pocket and want a chance to use it. The accessories you wear and use are an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Don’t miss out on a chance to connect with clients because you chose to use a G2 pen instead of a luxury ballpoint.  

A sophisticated pen inspires meaningful writing
You can tell the difference between the writing of a luxury pen and a dollar pen from the junk drawer. An expensive fountain pen or ballpoint leaves a smooth, bold stroke on the page while a cheap alternative is streaky or leaks. Excellence is in the details, and the appearance of your signature and handwriting is a big detail. Writing with a luxury pen will give you confidence and it will give clients confidence in you. 

Pulling out an expensive pen for meaningful moments also inspires you to do better. The excellence of your writing tool is a reminder of all you’ve achieved. Whenever you sign a deal with your pen, it’s a reminder to keep hustling for your goals. 

A legacy pen for the next generation
Most standard ballpoint pens are meant to last about two years, but hardly any of them actually make it that long. A store-bought pen either breaks, dries up, or gets lost well before its ink has run out. A luxury pen, however, is meant to last. This isn’t a writing tool you’ll carelessly leave behind at a friend’s place. You’ll only be using this pen for important documents and events so there will be no opportunity to lose it. Plus, expensive pens are built to last a lifetime. The body of the writing instrument is made of the finest material and the ink cartridges are replaceable so you can always refill the pen with more ink. Years from now, your luxury pen can be a legacy you leave to your children. You can pass on the symbol of excellence you’ve created for yourself and encourage the next generation to work just as hard. 

Perhaps you want your luxury pen to have a bold red body made of abalone shell. If flashy colors aren’t your speed, then a sleek all-black pen with subtle accents is always a classic look. You even have the choice between a ballpoint and a fountain pen. Whatever pen you choose, it’ll make the perfect statement the next time you’re ready to do some writing.


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