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Pitchman Pens is the renowned leader in handcrafted luxury men's pens. If you seek genuinely unique luxury men's pens, you have come to the right place. A man's pen is a potent symbol of his success and a direct reflection of his character. At Pitchman, we believe a man's pen should 

At Pitchman, we design and individually handcraft elegant men's pens in four distinct executions: Closer, Tycoon, Rainmaker, and Negotiator. We invite you to preview our men's pen selection for the best in luxury writing instruments and handmade pieces from our studios.

What you should consider when selecting the correct men's pen

When considering luxury men's pens, consider the following criteria: 1) they must make a statement in style, and 2) they should have a character profile similar to their owner. In other words, it must be bold with an ego and match your professional style and personality. Assuming that is your personality, of course. Like a custom-tailored suit, luxury men's pens should be fitted to you.  

So, what type of pen should you consider? Ballpoint, Rollerball, Fountain? 

Despite the undeniable practicality of the ballpoint pen in the workplace and the fancy profile of a fountain pen for use by calligraphy artists, it's difficult to replace the classic elegance of a smooth-flowing rollerball pen - especially in the boardroom.

A luxury rollerball pen is a highly personal writing instrument. Through usage over time, it molds itself to how one writes, becoming a truly unique representation of one writing style. 

Remember, a pen is only good if you have it with you, so make sure you buy one you'll want to take along wherever you go. 

Pitchman is here to help you navigate the choices for men's pens. As the leading manufacturer and seller of men's pens, we look forward to you joining the Pitchman family.


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