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Having a speaker at your event always brings great things for your company. Guest speakers have made a name for themselves in various industries through their ability to predict specific skills for the development of their employees or provide the right brand of motivation that urge them to perform better than ever before for the growth and development of the company. Guest speakers work hard to prepare for your event. If they have a good experience and feel valuable, they are more likely to tell their peers, fans, and the influencers what they like about you, your company, and your program.

As they work hard and bring many benefits to your company, it is necessary to appreciate their efforts with some kind of corporate gifts that not only offer them your thanks but also develop a positive impression about your company. Giving an appreciation gift to your speaker is a tradition of well-known companies.

Motivational Speaker Gifts:
The trend of inviting motivational speakers at the events has become too much popular in recent years. This trend is proved to be a beneficial step by the companies but this will totally ruin the reputation of the company if you say “Good Bye” to your guest without presenting a gift. Some businessmen consider it a difficult task to decide the perfect motivational speaker gift, but it's not that hard. Below are some of the best corporate gifts that can be presented to your motivational speakers.

- Notebook and Pen.
- Bluetooth tracker for key chains.
- Desktop essentials.
- Utility gifts such as headphones, key chains, mobile covers, etc.
- Travel kit including travel basic essentials
- Reliable Insulated Bottles.
- A beautiful mug with a coaster set.
- A backpack.

Keynote Speaker Gifts:
A keynote speaker offers a special way of speaking during a ceremony. He puts the listeners in a mood for a particular topic, encourages them to think, and engages in their interest. He puts a lot of effort into making the event beneficial. Most of the companies offer gifts to keynote speakers as a valuable gesture. The following are considered as traditional suitable gifts for keynote speakers:

- A solar phone charger with the company’s logo.
- A wooden speaking lectern.
- Original arts.
- A personalized note.
- A contribution to a reasonable cause.
- A Coffee Card.
- Sleep mask.
- A dinner or lunch at a high-class restaurant.
- Publish articles to enhance the profile of the keynote speaker.
- A travel bag.
- Headphones that can cancel noise.
- A nomination for another speaking event.

Why Luxury Pens are the Best Gifts for these Occasions:
Since humans like to write, it seems that this passion will not end. From the invention of the fountain pen in the 19th century to the use of rollerball and ballpoint pens, this obsession is increasing day by day. Even in this era of advanced technology and innovations, a luxury pen is still a great gift especially if it is to be given as a corporate gift. If you want to buy a gift for your motivational or keynote speaker, a stylish pen is best suited. Gifting a fancy pen will definitely change your professional behavior. It will look stylish in the speaker's pocket and will also be a great reminder of your love, respect, and appreciation. Fountain pens and the rollerball pens are two favorite types of pens that can be gifted to your guest speaker.

Fountain Pens:
Fountain pens are the most luxurious pens because of their style, appearance, and amazing writing convenience. If you give a fountain pen to your guest speaker, it will remain with him for a long time. It will remind him of your company whenever he will write some notes or important key points with it. They come in the list of the best corporate gifts because of their uniqueness and longevity.

Rollerball Pens:
Rollerball penis another appropriate gift for the guest speaker. These pens have gained too much popularity because of their smoothness and clarity.

All types of pens can be gifted to your guest speaker but it's worth doing extra research about the guest speaker to determine which type of luxury pen will be most appreciated.

Manners of Present Speaker Gifts:
Giving corporate gifts to your motivational and keynote speakers should always be done carefully. Here are some tips that will help you to present the gifts in the most appropriate manner.

Present the gift to the speaker immediately after the ceremony ends because it is an old saying that gratitude should not be delayed. For someone who managed to give you some time and effort to speak at your event, it will be very pleasant for him if you express your thanks quickly.
A simple thank you will be useless, you should tell him the details why you are grateful for his help. Tell him that his confidence and the way of speaking was amazing and show him that his efforts will bring many advantages for your company.

Write a short note with the gift you are offering. It will develop a better impression and will make the gift more unique. It will show the speaker that you put effort to appreciate the speaker and you really value his services.

Try to give a gesture in the note that you are satisfied with his efforts and will be working with him in the future.
Never present a gift of low quality or anything that cannot pass from the security checks.

The Bottom Line:
Presenting a corporate gift to the speaker is essential for the reputation of your company but if deciding a gift is a confusing task for you, forget about all other options and choose a stylish luxury pen and gift it to the speaker. There is no need to think whether this gift will be appreciated by the speaker or not because there is not a single human on this planet who can deny the charm of a fancy pen. Build a pleasant and memorable relationship with the speaker by choosing a luxury pen of higher quality.


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