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Pitchman Rainmaker LUXE White MOP Rollerball Pen
Pitchman Rainmaker LUXE White MOP Rollerball Pen

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Boardroom Cachet


Renowned as the preeminent Deal Closing Pen and the choice of discerning top performing executives since 2017, Closer was created for those who strive for excellence, to stand-out from the crowd, and take risks. Closer is the embodiment of professional success. A superbly handcrafted writing instrument, it offers a bolder look and wider profile than traditional luxury pens. The most envied luxury pen in the boardroom. 

Pitchman Closer Sapphire Fountain Pen - Luxury Pen For Men
Pitchman Closer Black Fountain Pen - Men’s Pen
Pitchman Closer™ Emerald Abalone Shell Fountain Pen - Men’s Pen
CLOSER LENGTH 5.65 inches | 14.3 cm
Pitchman Closer Teal Fountain Pen - A faithful Men's Pen
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Prominence Achieved


Tycoon was born of the desire to craft the ultimate signature pen by uniting unique designs with rare materials. Uniquely traditional and elegantly masculine Tycoon conveys your confidence, individuality, and style. Substantial, sleek, and bold profile, it brings a scintillating, exciting look to the deal signing table every time. Tycoon is the premier signature pen. Image your prominence achieved sporting the Tycoon.


Intangible Prestige


Rainmakers bring money, clients, and even intangible prestige to an organization. Envied and revered by others, Rainmakers are the embodiment of confidence and success.  Pitchman's Rainmaker pays homage to these deal makers. Rainmaker is the quintessential statement of style, prestige and confidence. It expresses your success personally and professionally. Rainmaker exudes quality and elegance like no other luxury pen - a luxury that we think you deserve! 


Statement making appeal


Negotiator - a design that closes deals. Inspired by those who will not compromise, the Negotiator rollerball pen is the definitive statement of style and confidence—a sleek yet modern design.

Graceful lines, distinctive finishes, precious metals, and exotic materials come together to create this sophisticated writing instrument.


More than just an instrument of communication

Men's Pens

Pens are the front line of a man's style. They can make or break an outfit, and for many men, a good pen is the ultimate accessory. It's not just about the way a pen looks, though — it's about how it feels in your hand, the weight of its metal body, and the way it glides across paper.

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The Write Way To Say Thank You™

Client Apprecaition Gifts

Sending a “Thank You for Your Business” email on a half-million-dollar deal won’t cut it. Saying “Thank You” with a Pitchman Pen forms a special bond with your client through the pen. Once gifted, customers will think of you every time they use their Pitchman Pen. Mission Accomplished!

It’s time to make the moment unforgettable; enchant your relations with a perfect and thoughtful gift...a Pitchman Pen.  

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A mens pen is one of the most essential things in his daily life. This is a writing instrument that is evolving and gaining popularity from the beginning of the...