Luxury Pens as Guest Speaker Gifts

6 Best Luxury Pens as Guest Speaker Gifts

6 Best Luxury Pens as Guest Speaker Gifts

Inviting a guest speaker to a corporate event is standard practice. A guest speaker adds tremendous value to any event by sharing their expertise, experiences, and insights relevant to the overall theme. They give attendees advice they can use to elevate their own personal and professional lives.

Motivational speakers encourage event attendees to continue building their skills, expanding their knowledge, and growing as employees, managers, and leaders. 

Guest speakers contribute a lot to the success of a business event. In fact, they may be the main draw for many attendees if they are well-known in business circles. So, giving the speaker a thank-you gift after the event will help organizers express their appreciation and even build long-lasting relationships with them.

In this article, we discuss why luxury pens make the perfect speaker gifts. We also list the six best luxury pens you can give as a gift to the speaker at your next corporate event. 

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Luxury Pens as Speaker Gifts

Giving valuable and memorable gifts to guest speakers at corporate events is a common way for companies to thank the speakers for their presence and valuable contributions. But remember, the price tag is not what’s important; the gift should provide some value and even practical use for the speaker to remember the company that gave it to them.

Many companies opt for coffee mugs, T-shirts with company logos, water bottles, coffee table books, and other such knick-knacks to give to guest speakers as gifts. But the truth is that these run-of-the-mill tokens will likely be one of the many generic items that will pile up in the speaker’s office or home.

In contrast, luxury pens stand out among speaker gifts, primarily because business professionals can never have enough pens on hand. In fact, in many professional circles, the quality of the pen can make or break the image of a business executive. This is why a well-designed, high-quality luxury pen is the perfect speaker gift—one they will surely appreciate and likely use regularly.

The speaker can use the pen to write and sign memos, drafts, letters, and other professional correspondence. Furthermore, a well-made luxury pen shows that the speaker puts a lot of thought into everything they do, which reflects their top-notch business ethics and professionalism.

A stylish luxury pen will also be a constant reminder of the company that gave it to them. This will surely help your company cultivate lasting business relationships with the speakers you invite to your events. It may also encourage the speaker to promote the company on their own time wherever they go.

So, as you can see, a luxury pen as a speaker gift is a win-win for the one receiving it and the company giving it.

Many luxury pen brands are available today, so how do you choose the best one to give to motivational and keynote speakers you invite?

If you’re looking for the best luxury pens that can serve as memorable speaker gifts, we have rounded up the six best ones available today. Check them out below:


6 Best Luxury Pens You Can Give as Speaker Gifts

1. Closer Sapphire Fountain Pen

If you wish to get a luxurious fountain pen for your event’s guest speaker, check out the Closer Sapphire Fountain Pen. Its bold look and comprehensive profile make it stand out from traditional luxury pens.

This pen is pure art in itself as it has eye-catching 22 kt gold-coated maze-like patterns on both finial ends. The cross-boxed patterns on the center band also look stunning and classy. 

The Closer Sapphire Fountain Pen is also balanced and weighted for precision to ensure a smooth and rich writing experience.

Its premium non-postable cap and barrel are crafted by artisans using rare pāua abalone shells and enfolded in highly polished resin. The clip is made of premium 22 kt gold and brilliant rhodium, embossed with the Pitchman logo. This gives a sophisticated and masculine finish to the pen’s design and ties up the whole aesthetic.


2. Closer Blue Rollerball Pen – The Preeminent Deal Closing Pen

Business executives have used the Closer Blue Rollerball Pen for years for closing deals, which is why it is called the Preeminent Deal Closing Pen. Like the rest of Pitchman’s Closer collection, this one features a premium 22 kt gold and brilliant rhodium clip, finial, and center band.

The cap and barrel showcase exotic pāua abalone shells sheathed in well-polished resin. The non-postable cap ensures the right balance and comfort as you set it on the desk while writing. This is the mark of a truly high-end luxury pen. 

The fine black Schmidt 5888 F ink cartridge provides reliable ink flow and smooth writing lines.

Overall, the premium features of the pen make it a worthy consideration as a speaker gift.


3. Closer Luxe White Fountain Pen - Limited Production

Another high-quality pen from Pitchman’s Closer collection, the Closer Luxe White Fountain Pen is so beautiful that users will give in to the urge to flaunt it at every business meeting and conference they attend. This ivory white and gold fountain pen has a gold Schmidt nib that enhances the writing experience and facilitates unparalleled clarity with each stroke.

The premium pen is made in limited batches, so if you give it to your event’s speaker as an appreciation gift, you can be sure that it is truly one of a kind. This will impress the speaker even more and help you develop a great bond with them.


4. Tycoon Lustrous - Purple Fountain Pen

If you’re looking to get your event’s guest speaker the ultimate signature pen, Pitchman’s Tycoon Lustrous collection has just the right one. This Purple Fountain Pen from the curated collection combines traditional yet unique designs with premium, rare materials.

The fountain pen’s bold and sleek profile conveys style, confidence, and individuality. It is heavy and durable yet well-balanced, which means the pen point glides smoothly over the page as you write.

Its exquisite, stately contours feature black titanium and brilliant rhodium for a high-quality finish. The handcrafted cap and barrel present exotic and rare pāua abalone shells in a premium resin casing.

The rhodium clip has a contemporary design with a clear-cut, beautiful Swarovski crystal crowning it. Meanwhile, an elegant three-dimensional carved leaf motif circles the bands for a timeless look.

Together, these design elements create a fine pen that exudes luxury.


5. Tycoon Lustrous - Emerald Rollerball Pen

The largest pen in Pitchman’s lineup, the Tycoon Lustrous range of pens features elegant contours that seamlessly combine brilliant rhodium with black titanium. This unity of premium materials creates a bold and exquisite luxury pen that makes for the perfect speaker gift.

The handcrafted cap and barrel of this beautiful Emerald Rollerball Pen use pāua abalone shells covered in resin. Meanwhile, the non-postable clip has a modern look with a brilliant Swarovski crystal adorning it.

The rollerball pen comes with a fine black Schmidt 5888 F ink cartridge that facilitates smooth and clear writing.

Overall, it has an excellent finish, fit, and balance, making the writing experience all the more pleasurable and luxurious. So, if you’re on the hunt for a powerful signature pen, this one's for you.


6. Rainmaker Red Fountain Pen

Are you in the market for an exquisite luxury pen that aligns with the personality of your guest speaker? Pitchman’s Rainmaker line of pens makes an iconic statement that spells confidence, style, and prestige. It helps the user express their personal and professional success without words.

The Red Fountain Pen from the collection is precision-balanced, long, and sleek, and it exudes elegance and luxury. Its finial ends, clip, and accent rings have opulent 22 kt gold “lucky bamboo” patterns that make the pen stand out.

The stout non-postable cap and slightly beveled barrel are constructed by artisans using brilliant rhodium and pāua abalone shells. This gives them their classic beauty and charm.

The innovative contoured tip is specifically engineered for the correct positioning of the fingers and a high level of comfort. This makes writing a sheer delight and encourages the user to use the pen as much as they can.

The lightweight executive pen provides a rich, tactile experience and an immaculate presentation. This combination of features makes it an elegant writing tool that the speaker will treasure as a prized possession for a long time.


The “Write” Way To Say Thank You!

Pitchman Pens’ curated collection of luxury pens features the company’s best-selling designs. So, you can be sure to find a fantastic pen that will thrill your guest speaker and touch their heart.

The company uses only premium, rare materials to craft its luxury pens. These individually handcrafted pens also meet top-notch manufacturing standards. Their bold and sophisticated designs distinguish them from other luxury pens and set them a class apart.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the best luxury pen on the market, look no further than Pitchman Pens. Shop its exquisite designs on the website or get in touch with its team to find the best pen that will suit your needs.