The Status of Luxury Pens in a Digital World

The Status of Luxury Pens in a Digital World

The Status of Luxury Pens in a Digital World 

The digital world may have reduced the need for daily handwriting, but don’t write off the need for pens just yet. Writing with pen and paper is still an activity many people enjoy. In fact, the value of the worldwide pen market is forecasted to hit 19 billion U.S. dollars by 2025 according to Statista. That’s a 4 billion dollar increase from the 2017 pen market value. 

There is a sense of satisfaction to be found in the tactile experience of writing with a pen, especially an expensive pen. The substantial weight of the body paired with the smooth glide of the nib across paper is a soothing experience. Many people even find the act of writing therapeutic. The steady flow of ink to paper and the back and forth hand motion help people relax. Not to mention the physical act of writing down one’s thoughts is often a way for people to destress and sort through their day. 

Fancy pens for trending hobbies

Pens have also seen a comeback thanks to popular hobbies that utilize writing instruments. In recent years, journaling, calligraphy, and lettering have been trending with younger generations. High schoolers and college students may be experts at digital communication, but there is a certain appeal to be found in the novelty of a handwritten message. Now that they aren’t being forced to learn cursive or practice their letters every day, many people are finding calligraphy and lettering to be a fun hobby. You can’t be interested in these activities, either, without developing a curiosity for finely crafted writing instruments. Fountain pens, in particular, are often associated with calligraphy writing. 

In many instances, people start out with cheap writing tools for their lettering activities but quickly upgrade to more fancy pens. A high-quality rollerball or fountain pen has a smoother flow of ink and a bold, bright line whereas cheaper pens tend to skip and don’t feel as comfortable in the hand. For people aiming to create beautiful letters, consistent ink flow is very important. There is also a certain appeal in using a beautifully crafted writing instrument to form eloquent messages. The beauty of a luxury pen barrel adds a certain flourish to the overall act of writing that you can’t get with a regular pen. 

Luxury pens are still the perfect gift

The digital world may have replaced a lot of written communication, but it’ll never make handwriting completely obsolete, especially when it comes to placing your signature on a contract or important document. Writing will always be required in one instance or another, which is why an executive pen is an excellent tool to have on hand. A luxury pen is truly a timeless gift because people will be able to use it for every stage in life. It makes a memorable graduation gift as students prepare to enter the business world, it is a signature tool a person can use to sign the contract on their first home, and it can act as a status symbol in an office. 

A fancy pen sitting on a person’s desk can symbolize how important they are to the company. It also conveys professionalism and gives the person a writing tool worthy of their skill set. Gifting an executive pen to employees who have been with the company for an extended period of time or who hit a record sales goal is the perfect way to reward employee loyalty. It also gives the rest of your team a prize to strive for in their job. When they see the finely crafted writing tools you give for success, they’ll want to work hard to receive their own unique writing instrument. That’s why you should make luxury pens your company’s corporate gift.

Luxury pens are here to stay

All in all, luxury pens aren’t disappearing any time soon. Many people have compared executive pens to luxury watches. With the prevalence of smartphones and digital watches, many people speculated that luxury watches would become a thing of the past. People argued the analog display was old fashioned and less appealing now that people had a digital readout they could access. Turns out this wasn’t the case. People continued to buy luxury watches and used them as a status symbol to display their success. 

Luxury pens are similar to watches in this way. They may not be used for function as much anymore, but they still convey a certain status and refinement when they’re pulled from their case during a meeting.