<b>What is a Corporate Gift Pen?</b>

<b>What is a Corporate Gift Pen?</b>

One of the most popular question we get at Pitchman Pens is “What is a corporate gift pen?”  It might sound like silly question with an obvious answer...“Any pen...right?”  Well you’d be wrong if that was your response.  Well our definition follows...thou we encourage you to keep reading beyond to understand not only the definition, but also the importance in selecting the correct type of corporate gift pen.  

This article might seem self serving as we handcraft one of the finest corporate gift pens on the market, it’s more important to us that you buy the right type of corporate gift pen whether it be from us or another luxury pen brand.

What is a Corporate Gift Pen?
A corporate gift pen is a luxury writing instrument that is typically gifted to valued customers as a thank you for their partnership.  Corporate gift pens are a NOT your atypical pen like an Cross, Parker, Waterman, or even a Mont Blanc because they are too bland, small in size, and lack distinction. Corporate gift pens on the other hand are memorable, unique, and standout due to their larger size, executions in rare materials, and handcrafted to be distinctive. They are luxury heirlooms.

Why is it important to give a corporate gift pen VS any common brand name pen?
The value or perceived value of the corporate gift should reflect the size and importance of the partnership.  If your customer spends over a million dollars annually with you, how do you think they will feel when receiving a common brand pen that costs less than $100?

Oh, and it’s like that your customer has a few of those low end branded pens already. 

What are the best occasions for a corporate gift pen?
As you are reading this article, the best occasion is the one that you are seeking to provide this gift!  Corporate gift pens are perfect for many occasions, but are commonly presented to recognize strategic business relationships or commemorate a new deal.


Make a bold impression on you customers with Pitchman corporate gift pen.