What Your Pen Says About You

What Your Pen Says About You

What Your Pen Says About You

As a business professional, you carefully select your outfit each day to convey strength and professionalism. The crisp lines of your suit and the shine of your shoes tells people you’re put together and ready for business. The clothes you wear aren’t the only aspect of your appearance that speaks to people, though. The pen you carry in your suit pocket or purse also makes a statement. A pen is a tool you use every day as a business professional, so make sure your writing tool is conveying the right message.  

Different pens and what they say

You can find a wide variety of pens online and in stores these days. Each style and design comes with its own purpose and meaning. 

The ballpoint pen

The ballpoint is the most common type of pen and doesn’t add much value to your daily ensemble. Most ballpoint pens are relatively cheap and easily replaceable. All in all, a ballpoint is a very casual pen that won’t attract much attention.

The rollerball pen

A rollerball is certainly a step up from your average ballpoint pen. Rollerball pens are known for their smooth writing lines and reliable ink flow. When you write with a rollerball, your strokes will be clean and even with no skipping or blotting. You have a lot of variety when it comes to rollerball pens, too. An average rollerball pen shows that you take your work seriously and that you need a reliable writing tool to complete your tasks. However, you can also find luxury rollerball pens, which convey a great deal more about your personality and character.  

A luxury rollerball pen not only displays your choice in a reliable pen, it also showcases your dedication to your job. By investing in a luxury pen, you now carry around a symbol of your commitment to your work. The decorative material of a luxury pen and the added weight of the barrel also add to the pen’s presence among clients. A luxury rollerball will get you noticed and lets people know you’re not afraid to stand out from your competitors. 

The fountain pen

A luxury rollerball pen can get you attention, but nothing says high-class like a fancy fountain pen. Fountain pens of all types offer a distinguished look and quickly catch the eye. If you want to really make a statement, then a fountain pen is a great choice. A fountain pen says you’re elegant and sophisticated, which is an excellent impression to leave with your clients. You can take the fountain pen look a step further by acquiring a luxury fountain pen. Not only will the classic nib attract attention, but the elegance of the pen barrel will also show off your style. 

Clothes aren’t the only part of your ensemble that clients and colleagues notice. The accessories you wear and use also have the ability to stand out. Stop using a regular ballpoint pen that brings nothing to the table. Instead, invest in a luxury pen that will enhance your professional persona and get you noticed. Shop our luxury pen collections to find the one that best fits your needs.