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At a certain time or occasions in the year, presenting corporate gifts to new suppliers, customers, employees, and managers are necessary. Choosing the right gift is a difficult task because if you give the wrong gift, it may end up in a drawer or worse the garbage can! The wrong gift can leave the receiver disappointed and can ruin the relationship. Your company must choose a gift that is valued by the receiver and strengthens your relationship. With the availability of online vendors, buying a corporate gift has become easier than ever. However, with the wide selection of gift ideas, the luxury pen is the perfect option that stands out from the crowd. 

We invite you to preview our line of luxury pens specifically designed to deliver and strengthen your client relationship. 

Pitchman Pens - Corporate Gifts



What is a Corporate Gift?
A corporate gift is a type of gift that a company presents to its employees, prospects, consumers, or service providers. It is a way of expressing appreciation from the company and also serves as a reminder and a goodwill gesture. The corporate gift indicates that the company values its relationship with its clients and its employees. The reasons for offering gifts range from thanking older customers for their growing business activities to acknowledging a great contribution to a competent employee's job. The main aim of the corporate gift is to make and improve the relationship between the gift presenter and the receiver.

Luxury Pens, a Perfect Corporate Gift
A luxury pen is a useful corporate gift and it is not only wonderful but also a long-living memory. A luxury stylish pen will truly impress the receiver whether you present it to a customer or an employee. It can also be gifted to the suppliers for promotional purposes. A luxury pen will remain with the receiver and will leave a good impression every time. It is also a great thing to have on your table or to be used in a meeting. The fountain pen is at the top of the list of luxury pens. They are popular because of their uniqueness, charm, and longevity. Other types of luxury pens include rollerballs and ballpoints.

Psychology of Luxury Pen when the Recipient uses it 
The effectiveness of corporate gift offers is closely linked to its psychological impact on the receiver. You have personally experienced this phenomenon in practice if you have ever had a sudden or unexpected surprise. Receiving a luxury pen as a corporate gift develops feelings of mutual trust and confidence.  The company will begin to see its effects on marketing and some other scenarios.

A single luxury pen can make a person a permanent customer. Most of the customers say that they love to work with the companies who offer a personalized experience. Giving a luxury pen as a corporate gift to your prospects can motivate them to become your potential customer and make the necessary actions such as completing a purchase, subscribing to a service, or referring a friend. Luxury pens should also be given to your precious employees. A luxury pen of good quality creates a feeling of appreciation by the company and it shows the employees that the company values their services. Whenever workers use the gifted pen they try to work harder with determination and this fact helps the organization to grow and increase productivity.

Why Should Businesses Consider Gifting Luxury Pens?
Gifting a luxury pen gives a sense of readiness and style. Gifting an executive pen with your brand’s name or logo gives you the option to speak on the behalf of your company you represent. It also helps to develop a wide network and connections with different customers and brands, such as a subtle marketing move. Below are some benefits of corporate gifts.

  • Raise Spirits in Difficult Times
  • Make Company Memorable
  • Build a Reputation in Market


Raise Spirits in Difficult Times
Having a luxury pen in employees’ hands encourages them in difficult times. Corporate gifts remind an employee of his value and boost them to work for the welfare of the company.

Make Company Memorable
A gifted luxury pen will make your business more memorable and will work as a well thought out message that got stuck in the client’s mind. It’s a great way to thank your clients and prospects in a passionate way that they will surely remember.

Build a Reputation
Appreciating your employees and welcoming your prospect with corporate gifts will develop a positive opinion about you which will help you to stay a step forward from your competitors. 

When to Present a Luxury Pen as Corporate Gift

  •  When a person related to your company completed years of services, milestones, or reached a recognized level.
  • When employees complete a special industry-specific training session to improve their skills.
  • When a client made a purchase or deal of a big amount.
  • When an employee completed a new degree program.
  • When a person helped the company to complete a project successfully.
  • When a contract is being signed because it will develop a sense of trust, loyalty, and lead to a long term relationship.
  • When an employee completed or achieved a personal aim such as bought a house or a car.

Final Words
When you will present your clients or customers with executive pens, they will remember that you have a place for them in your business as well as thoughts. A unique pen that they use, even when writing trivial things will remind them of this truth. They will help you to increase the potential and goodwill of your business. It would be a great step if you engrave your employee's name on the luxury pens you give them. This personal connection you make with the person will help you when your business is in trouble. The clients and employees will certainly be anxious to return the favor, and this could be the beginning of the new partnerships and strong relationships. That's why choosing the perfect luxury pen as a corporate gift can have profound consequences for your business.



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