Elegant Pens

Usually, one would set out to write about a specific topic, in this case, Elegant Pens, by describing all the reasons or what makes for an elegant pen. As true elegance is pure in its simplicity, we have decided to flip this and speak to the characteristics that are NOT that of an elegant pen.

Elegant Pens are NOT Flashy. Elegance is simple. Elegant pens are understated by nature. Adorning a pen with all sorts of jewels or embedded designs detracts from the structure and flow of the pen.

Elegant Pens do not have to be overly expensive. Sure, gold costs money, but is an elegant pen defined solely by the materials used to create it? The answer is...no. We don’t want to beat a dead horse here, but simplicity is what truly matters in an elegant pen design.

Elegant Pens do not have to be from a writing giant and high-profile pen maker. In their effort to appeal to a broader audience, many luxury pen companies lose sight of what it means to deliver an elegant pen. They go beyond what is required to provide a quality writing instrument, thus losing sight of the true elegance of simplicity.

Elegant Pens - Pitchman Pens
Elegant Pens - Pitchman Pens

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A Currated Collection of Elegant Pens

Pitchman Closer Teal Fountain Pen - A faithful Men's Pen
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Pitchman Closer Sapphire Fountain Pen - Luxury Pen For Men
Pitchman Closer™ Emerald Abalone Shell Fountain Pen - Men’s Pen
CLOSER LENGTH 5.65 inches | 14.3 cm
Pitchman Closer™ Blue Abalone Shell Rollerball Pen - Men’s Pen
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Pitchman Closer Black Fountain Pen - Men’s Pen
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Elegant Pens

Elegance, like all magnificent things, is very simple.

Elegant pens have exceptional statement designs. At Pitchman, we believe that elegant pens are just that, simple. We think you will agree once you see our Closer, Rainmaker, and Tycoon collections. 

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