Executive Rollerball Pens

Executive Rollerball Pens by Pitchman®
Executive Rollerball Pens by Pitchman®

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A Currated Collection of Executive Rollerball Pens

Pitchman Closer™ Blue Abalone Shell Rollerball Pen - Men’s Pen
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Executive Rollerball Pens

In 1888 the rollerball pen was designed by John Loud as a tool that was capable of writing on rough surfaces. In 2018, Pitchman Pens reimagined the rollerball pen to become the preeminent Deal Closing Pen - signing not-so-rough surfaces such as sales contracts. 

Today, pen aficionados tend to favor the executive rollerball pen in comparison to the  ballpoint. As far an everyday carry pen, executive rollerball pens are an exceptional choice for those who seek a smooth and comfortable writing experience, especially for career sales professionals as they make for excellent deal signing pens and customer gifts after the deal close. 

The Pitchman, The Tycoon, and The Rainmaker Executive Series pens are opulent, beautiful, and handmade with rare Paua Abalone Shell. Every writing instrument is unique, so you get a one of a kind work of art.

We invite you to preview our collection of executive rollerball pens.  We are confident you will find the Pitchman to be like no other executive rollerball pen you have every experienced.

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