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Pitchman is the leader in handcrafted writing instruments for the professional. Pens that make a bold statement in the workplace and are a potent symbol of your success.

Pens for Professionals in the Business World

A professional pen says a lot about who you are as an employee. A high-quality pen makes it clear from the start that you’re the type of person who pays attention to detail. A pen is an accessory that many professionals overlook, but you’re meticulous enough to understand the importance of every aspect of your appearance. You understand a put-together look goes all the way down to the smallest detail. Moreover, a luxury pen makes the statement that you get the job done. The type of pen you wield makes it clear you have the right tool for success at your fingertips. Pens for professionals make clients and CEOs sit up and take notice of your importance. 

The history of pens for professionals

Writing instruments have been around since 3200 BCE, but they weren’t truly refined until around 1827. This is the year the first fountain pen was invented. Before the fountain pen, if you wanted to write anything you had to repeatedly dip the tip of the pen into an ink reservoir. The constant need to dip the pen into the inkwell made the writing process even longer. It also created a lot of frustration because the ink would occasionally drip from the quill or steel-tip pen onto the paper. 

The fountain pen solved a few problems for professionals by holding its own reservoir of ink and smoothly passing the ink to the nib for writing. Various elements of the fountain pen from the sleek body to the gold-tipped nib made this writing instrument popular among professionals. Many businessmen would even buy customized pens by having their initials engraved onto the fountain pen nibs. The overall look and feel of the fountain pen made it a popular pen choice for decades. Even today, many professionals still prefer a fountain pen over any other. 

After the fountain pen, however, comes the ballpoint pen. The first patent for the ballpoint pen was submitted in 1888, but it wasn’t until several years later that a viable design was actually created. The ballpoint pen marked a turning point in the history of pens for professionals. The ballpoint created a much more even flow of ink and offered a lot more versatility. From here, pens were made in various colors and men could carry their pen in their pocket without fear of it leaking because of the retractable point. The pen itself was also less likely to leak because of the ink used within the cartridge. 

Famous businessmen who own pens for professionals

Many famous people have owned professional pens, but you don’t often hear about them. For example, Walt Disney was known for using a Sheaffer Balance Fountain Pen and was seen holding a Sheaffer in a few different photos. Plenty of well-known writers have also been big luxury pen fanatics. Stephen King, for instance, used a Waterman Fountain Pen to write his novel Dreamcatcher. He found that writing with a fountain pen helped him slow down and pay closer attention to what he was writing. 

Neil Gaiman is another famous author who is known for his love of fountain pens. Gaiman actually has between 50 and 60 fountain pens in his collection and uses a Pilot 823 during book signings. 

Professionals outside the writing and animation industry are also known for owning professional pens, Rocky Wirtz, the Blackhawks chairman, being one of them. Wirtz had a Montblanc pen that he boasted of owning for more than 20 years.  

Pens for professionals today

Professional pens take on all shapes and sizes in today’s modern world. The traditional fountain pen is still a favorite among businessmen, with its unique gold nib and one of a kind writing style. Rollerballs have also gained a lot of popularity. If you don’t like the sensitivity of a fountain pen, then rollerballs can be just as high-quality and offer equally smooth ink flow. All you really have to consider when selecting your professional pen is style and budget. 

Pens for professionals come in a surprisingly wide range of prices. Some people pay thousands of dollars for a single pen. However, you can get a high-quality writing instrument of equal quality for a more reasonable $200 to $300. A price range like this also means you can invest in more than one professional pen. Stand out from your colleagues at work by adding a few luxury pens to your collection. Choose different pen colors and designs so you’ll always have a pen available for every occasion. 

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