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Collection: Stylish Pens

Cuz’ you aren’t fully dressed without one! 

Gold watch...check. Silk tie...check. Correct belt...check. Proper tie...check. Stylish pen to round-out ensemble...check. Owning a stylish pen (or two, or three) is as essential to a man's wardrobe, if not more, than anything else he dons before heading into the boardroom or client meeting. One should never underestimate the contribution a stylish pen plays to a man's public persona. We invite you to explore our collection of stylish pens...cuz' you aren't fully dressed without one!

Sign off with style, with a Pitchman

There's more to your aesthetic than just the clothes you wear. A stylish pen is just as crucial to a man's professional attire as a fine silk tie and gold cuff links. Image wearing an Armani suit with a Bic pen? It just isn't done. Stylish pens are a potent symbol of a man's success, so any old pen will not due.

A stylish pen can say a lot about you, even before you take it out of your vest pocket to sign the deal. Like your wardrobe, pens are personal and a direct reflection of you. So whether you're looking for an elegant writing instrument or something stylish for everyday use, Pitchman lets you express yourself in elegant designs and colors, crafted with quality for a smooth flow of ideas.

In an age where everyday communication is done via email, books are pounded out on keyboards, and texting has replaced journals, one would think there's not much call for a stylish pen today. While you may feel that you rarely need a stylish pen these days, something can be said about using them in favor of typing digitally. Taking notes with pen and paper in a board meeting looks far more professional than keying them into a laptop, signatures on contracts always look better in ink than scribbled on a tablet, and even handwritten thank you notes look more meaningful than any email could ever aspire to be.

In short, writing with a stylish pen shows you're a distinguished professional with good taste.

But to be sure, this isn't just a beauty contest. Pitchman individually handcrafts some of the finest and most stylish pens today. That means our pens aren't just about looks; they also deliver one of the most pleasing writing experiences.


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