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What you should consider when selecting the correct men's pen

There’s a classic gift for improving office morale and creating team spirit, one which is often overlooked in modern times: the executive pen. They look great, and they can increase team effectiveness, and they really feel like you’re investing in the quality of your office. Everyone needs a pen; but an executive pen has a powerful psychological effect, strengthening your brand both inside and outside of the company.

Even in this era of advanced technologies, mobile devices, and tablets, pens are simply not just irreplaceable, but classic. There are times when you just need to write things down; there’s also an entirely different psychological process involved in the act of writing, as opposed to tapping something into a phone or onto a screen. Buying a perfect executive pen is fun and it can help you get the most out of your writing--and your team. Experienced writers know the value of a great pen, but people for whom writing isn’t necessarily a primary part of their business, an executive pen can create a tangible effect on effectiveness and happiness. For the businessman, finding the perfect pen that suits their personality is a bit difficult. This article is for these people.

So, what type of pen should you consider? Ballpoint, Rollerball, Fountain?

Despite the undeniable practicality of the ballpoint pen in the workplace and the fancy profile of a fountain pen for use by calligraphy artists, it's difficult to replace the classic elegance of a smooth flowing rollerball pen - especially in the boardroom. A luxury rollerball pen is a highly personal writing instrument. Through usage over time, it molds itself to the way one writes, becoming a truly unique representation of one writing style. 

Remember, a pen is no good if you don't have it with you, so make sure you buy one that you'll want to take along wherever you go. 

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Boardroom Cachet

Renowned as the preeminent Deal Closing Pen and the choice of discerning top-performing executives since 2017, Closer was created for those who strive for excellence, stand out from the crowd, and take risks. Closer is the embodiment of professional success. A superbly handcrafted writing instrument, it offers a bolder look and wider profile than traditional luxury pens—the most envied luxury pen in the boardroom. 

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Prominence Achieved 

Tycoon is the premier signature pen. Tycoon was born of the desire to craft the ultimate signature pen by uniting unique designs with rare materials. Uniquely traditional and elegantly masculine, Tycoon conveys your confidence, individuality, and style. The substantial, sleek, and bold profile bring a scintillating, exciting look to the deal signing table every time. Image your prominence achieved sporting the Tycoon.

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Intangible Prestige

Rainmakers bring money, clients, and even intangible prestige to an organization. Envied and revered by others, Rainmakers embody confidence and success. Pitchman's Rainmaker pays homage to these deal makers. Rainmaker is the quintessential statement of style, prestige and confidence. It expresses your success personally and professionally. Rainmaker exudes quality and elegance like no other luxury pen - a luxury that we think you deserve!

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