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What is a signature pen

The closing of a large deal or finalization of important documents deserves to be acknowledged using a luxury signature pen. A signature pen is a writing instrument you only pull out to commemorate special signing moments. This unique writing tool lends significance to the occasion and makes the person gripping the pen's barrel feel essential. When clients or colleagues see you take out your signature pen, they'll know you mean business and intend to close a deal.

We might be living in a digital age, but there are still plenty of instances when a written "wet" signature is still needed. If you work in an industry where you're regularly signing contracts, you need a signature pen that will impress clients and give you confidence in the boardroom. Closing on a home, acquiring a business loan, and other notable contracts usually require a written signature to seal the deal.

Why you need a signature pen

A pen can be as unique as your signature. The small details on the cap, barrel, and nib of a luxury pen can change your writing instrument from a plain everyday item into a one-of-a-kind piece. A signature pen isn’t meant for ordinary occurrences. Instead, one should save it for special occasions, so it’s known as your signature pen.

WHat to look for in a signature pen

When choosing a signature pen, the first thing to pay attention to is craftsmanship. The materials used to build the writing instrument should be high-quality metals like gold, rhodium, and titanium. A handcrafted piece is also essential so you know you’re getting a unique item instead of a pen that could be purchased at an ordinary office supply store. 

The other aspect of a signature pen is the style. A gold-plated nib is sure to catch anyone’s eye as you smoothly dash your signature across a contract. Luxury pens come in various colors and can be adorned with a diverse set of accents. The type of pen itself can even make a statement. For instance, while high-quality pens are not common, fountain pens are rare. It’s certainly not every day that you see someone pull a fountain pen from their coat pocket.  

Finally, the last element to pay attention to is how the pen writes. You don’t have to worry about having a weak ink line with a luxury pen. All you have to concern yourself with is one nib size and type. For instance, fountain pens have a variety of nib sizes for bolder or thinner strokes. Fountain pens are also known for having smooth ink flow and an effortless glide. If you want to stand out, a certain kind of status comes along with a fountain pen. Of course, if fountain pens aren’t your style, then a high-quality rollerball will give equally vibrant lines and smooth flowing ink. 

Whatever signature pen you choose, you’re sure to make a lasting impression the next time you sign a contract.

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