Why a Heavy Pen Can Improve Your Handwriting

Why a Heavy Pen Can Improve Your Handwriting

Handwriting is an artform that has to be cultivated and practiced on a regular basis. Beautiful handwriting isn’t inherited, it’s a skill that is developed over the years with extensive practice. Hand motion and finger dexterity are not the only aspects that impact your handwriting, though. The writing instrument you choose to use can also have an impact on the look and shape of your letters. Heavy pens, in particular, have been known to help people improve their handwriting.  

The benefits of a heavy pen

One issue people have with pens is the stress the narrow barrel puts on delicate hand muscles. Small pens require a tighter grip and more precise pressure from your fingers. The added weight of a heavy pen, on the other hand, helps the barrel rest comfortably in your grip without the need for extra pressure. The need for less pressure applies to both your hand grip and the way you press down when writing. A weighted pen will already apply pressure to the page and will need little to no help from you to put ink to paper. Heavy pens also tend to have a wider barrel. The wider barrel puts less strain on your hand muscles and will create less fatigue when writing. Not to mention a pen with a larger body is also a lot easier to grip if you have big hands.  

Heavy pens have also been known to benefit people who suffer from slight hand tremors or Parkinson’s disease. The extra weight helps stabilize hand movements and create a smoother motion when writing resulting in more crisp, clean letters. The heft of the pen also provides additional sensory feedback so you’re more aware of the pen’s motion and pressure as you write. 

The other benefit of a heavy pen is the significance it adds to your writing. Every time you pick up this tool, you will feel the importance of the message you’re about to convey through the weight in your hand. 

Choosing a heavy pen

When it comes to selecting a heavy pen for your desk, you don’t want to go with the first tool you find. The key to an exceptional heavy pen is balance. It’s important for the writing tool you choose to be well made and well balanced. The pen should rest comfortably in your hand without being too bottom heavy or feel like it’s tipping. You should also test out the grip and barrel sizeto ensure it fits your hand right. 

A heavy pen is a memorable piece and one that can play a significant role in your business. Take our time selecting one that perfectly fits your hand as well as your style. Just because a pen has a bit of extra weight doesn’t mean it’s bulky and unattractive. You can find beautifully crafted pens that are made from quality materials that are heavy and refined. Your handwriting might not be pristine right now, but with the help of a heavy pen you could start seeing improvements right away. 

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