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Tycoon Lustrous Emerald Rollerball Pen

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We love our customers, and we think they love us too. While we could brag about all the 5-Star Reviews we have received, we feel it is more important to share ALL our customers' feedback with you.  As each Pitchman is individually handcrafted for its owner, we think this is the best way for you to learn about the Pitchman experience. Read Testimonials

Prominence Achieved. Tycoon was born of the desire to craft the ultimate signature pen by uniting unique designs with rare materials. Uniquely traditional and elegantly masculine, Tycoon conveys your confidence, individuality, and style. The substantial, sleek, and bold profile brings a scintillating, exciting look to the deal signing table every time. 

Tycoon is the largest pen in the Pitchman lineup. We have combined Tycoon’s stately contours with brilliant rhodium and black titanium to create this exquisite and bold luxury pen. The cap and barrel are handcrafted of rare and exotic pāua abalone shells that command attention. The contemporary clip design features a clear, beautifully cut Swarovski crystal, while the bands are ringed with an elegant 3-dimensional carved leaf motif. Its superb fit, finish, and balance make it an absolute pleasure to write with. So if you desire a powerful luxury pen, Tycoon is a proper signature pen for you.


Ink Cartridge: Black, Fine, Schmidt 5888 F


Rhodium, adorned with a brilliant Swarovski® crystal

Pāua abalone shell encased in highly polished resin

Pāua abalone shell encased in highly polished resin

Rhodium and Black Titanium

Meticulously handcrafted in USA

To ensure proper balance and comfort, it does NOT have a "postable" cap - it has to be set on the desk when writing. This style is emblematic of high-end luxury pens. 

Length: 5.87 inches / 14.9 cm

Width: .63 inches / 1.6 cm

Weight: 3.2 Oz

Tycoon is a large, heavy pen.

Pitchman Luxury Pen Brand. Since 2017, Pitchman pens have been potent symbols of their owners' success, commanding attention and defining elegance. Each pen is masterfully handcrafted (yes, we make each by hand) in Johns Creek, GA, USA. Production in 2022 will be limited to 2,000 pens.

Purchase with confidence. We invite you to learn more about Pitchman and why we are the Top Performers' preferred luxury pen brand worldwide.


You can purchase with confidence knowing that you are covered by Pitchman's International Warranty and backed by our signature Happiness Guarantee.    


Your pen has been handcrafted according to the high-quality standards of Pitchman with all the care and patience dedicated to them by our devoted craftsmen. Nevertheless, your pen is covered by the Pitchman International Warranty against defects in manufacturing and materials. Pitchman offers an International Warranty to the original consumer for two (2) years from the date of purchase.


At Pitchman, we are incredibly proud of our craftsmanship, and we feel confident that you will love writing with your new pen. With our Pitchman Happiness Guarantee, you can purchase with confidence, knowing that if you are not fully satisfied with your new pen, return it within 20 days for a refund. Oh, and if you are purchasing the pen as a gift for someone special in your life, the same Happiness Guarantee also extends to them. (So please let them know) Yes, we are confident that the person you're buying for will ultimately be unconditionally thrilled with your purchase. 

Fast Delivery: Pitchman Pen customers receive fast and reliable shipping on all orders. All pens are handcrafted and processed within (1) business day. 

We offer both standard and express shipping options: choose the service that best meets your needs at checkout. Standard USPS shipping (5 to 7 business days) is provided FREE OF CHARGE on all orders over $200, continental United States only.  

A luxurious unwrapping experience!

Great gifts must deliver a complete experience from moment one. That's why we deliver your new Pitchman in our exclusive signature gift wrapping and embossed with the Pitchman logo in real sealing wax.

FAQ's About our pens

Can your pens be engraved?

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We are honored that you would want your name on one of our pens, but unfortunately we are unable to engrave them. Due mainly to the materials we use to handcraft these works of art, engraving is virtually impossible and would damage the pen. 

Are your pens REALLY handmade?

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Yup! See for yourself.

Where are your pens made?

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All Pitchman pens are individually handcrafted in Johns Creek, GA USA.

What is Pāua Abalone?

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New Zealand Abalone (Pāua Shell) is the most colourful abalone shell in the world. Its iridescent nacre features deep blue and green hues with flashes of pink and purple. Unique to New Zealand, pāua shells are harvested from rocky coastlines. Pāua is one of the most sustainably managed wild abalone fisheries in the world. The material for these pens was sliced and cast in a high quality acrylic around the pen body allowing the true brilliant color of the material to show through.

What is Rhodium?

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Rhodium is probably a metal you don’t hear about very often. It's extremely rare and is only a byproduct of mining platinum, copper, or nickel.

Rhodium is a whitish-silver metallic element. It belongs to the platinum family, and you can only find trace amounts of it inside platinum or nickel ore.

Rhodium holds the record as the most expensive metal in the world because no one's discovered a rhodium mine. Since its discovery in 1803 by William Wollaston, nearly 80% of all rhodium comes from platinum mines in South Africa. Since it's only a trace element in these mines, we have very little material available annually. To give you an idea of how rare and expensive this metal is—only 20 tons are mined per year. And in March 2020, its price reached an all-time high of $13,800 an ounce.

What is meant by a Non-Postable pen?

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Non-postable means that the cap DOES NOT attach to the other end of the pen - it has to be set on the table when writing. Pitchman pens are larger format and heavier than most, therefore attaching the cap would make the pen uncomfortable to use.

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